Friday, February 02, 2007

Girl Power Rules

Note to self: Never predict the winner of any reality show. LOL.

I have to be honest and say that while I was rooting for ANY Malaysian team to beat the "gwei-lo" team of Sandy & Francesca of Hong Kong, I never expected Joe Jer & Zabrina to become the winners of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA). The smart money was on Andrew & Syeon as they'd performed excellently thus far (but came undone because they didn't hire a cabbie). And oh yes, Joe Jer & Zabrina are the first all-female team to win in ANY season of the Amazing Race, not just the Asian edition alone.

Anyway, who's up for season 2 of TARA? I wanna join, I wanna join, I wanna join...

2 spins:

Simple American said...

Those girls look so happy.

Over here they are getting ready to start the Amazing Race All Stars. They are bringing back Rob and Amber again. America's favorite young couple or most hated. I kind of like em. Will be watching them run.

rinnah said...

simple american: I can't wait to watch Amazing Race All Stars - it's premiering in Malaysia on 19th February, so I guess I'll be watching it around the same time as you. I can't say I personally agree with the way Rob and Amber run the Race, but they sure do make for interesting viewing!