Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CNY visitations are tiring...

I was cautiously optimistic on the first day of CNY this year. Why? My family (for the first time that I can remember!) did not go out at all. My my my... it was a precedent! Most years we head out of the house in the mid-morning and don't come back till late at night and this goes on for a whole week. A whole week of non-stop visiting each relative's house until the circuit is complete - not unlike the F1 Grand Prix race calendar. *grin*

Alas, my hopes (which were raised on the first day) were dashed come the second day. We were not out and about in the morning, but it was hustle and bustle as we prepped the house for visitors that afternoon. Last minute dusting / sweeping / mopping / etc and me making a hurried trip to the shops for more drinks (a whole football team was coming!). Then it was off to uncle #3's house and back to our house again, a quick refresher and we were out till midnight at uncle #1's house. *phew*

Today, visitors for lunch at our house, before we pop over to uncle #2's house for pizza party (yay, Domino's!) and later this evening to uncle #4's house (where dinner may or may not be served). Eep! I'm already feeling tired just reciting the schedule! Oh yes, I'm also the designated driver this season... so... *sigh*

2 spins:

Simple American said...

Sending you a virtual massage. And maybe you should pick up some F1 sun glasses while you are out and about.

Guess I should be happy I'm over here, where we just have a dinner and maybe some dim sum.

Gong Xi Fat Choy. Hope the New Year will be filled with health, wealth, and happiness.

rinnah said...

simple american: Ahhh... *cat stretch* Haven't needed sunnies this year - the weather's been cloudy and drizzly all round. So unlike normal CNY weather.

I'm just glad the visitation rounds only happens once a year! But wherever we are, it's getting to spend time with family that makes CNY special. :o)