Friday, February 09, 2007

I Didn't Make It This Time

I had a new year’s resolution at the beginning of the year. I resolved that I wasn’t going to let my ingrown fear of not being perfect enough or doing things perfectly get in my way this year. It was supposed to help me be less perfectionistic and more easy-going, more relaxed in my expectations of myself. Well, I did it again yesterday.

I made a simple, avoidable mistake that cost some money. It happened because I didn’t double check and worked from my memory (which was not entirely correct). When I found out (almost immediately) I berated myself for most of the afternoon. There went my new year’s resolution flying out the window.

In retrospect, the mistake is not really that bad; it’s just a flaw in the scope of plans, but it still grates, nonetheless. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to try harder at not being too hard on myself. (Boy, that is one convoluted sentence!)

3 spins:

may said...

yup, shouldn't berate yourself too much, we learn from mistakes (or so they always say... lol!).

Simple American said...

Just look yourself in the mirror and stick out your tongue. It just don't matter. Will you even remember this in a year?

When you get through sticking your tongue out at yourself. Go ahead and give yourself a nice hug. Or better yet go find someone that can hug you nicely.

rinnah said...

may: Thankfully this wasn't a very costly mistake, or else I'd be crying buckets!

simple american: LOL! *sticks tongue out quizzically*

Yeah, you're right. It won't matter, neither will I remember it in a year. But it will affect me now... my pocket, that is.

*hug hug hug* *cheers up* *feels so much better!*