Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolution

First and foremost, I’m only going to make one New Year resolution here. (OK, I’m cheating a little bit and making other resolutions for other parts of my life elsewhere. Haha.) But for this blog diary, here’s my resolution.

“I give myself permission not to be perfect.”

This is important for me because as a perfectionist by nature, anything less than perfect is terrible. As far as I can recall, I needed to have the perfect life, be a perfect person, a perfect daughter, perfect friend, even perfect employee! I hope that this permission will allow me to truly live my life to the fullest, without having this fear of not being perfect enough hovering above my head.


What's your resolution this year?

2 spins:

Simple American said...

I am unresolute. haha

Please be forewarned. I will hold you to your resolution.

rinnah said...

Simple American: No resolutions can actually be a good thing. In years past I would be beating myself up for not achieving my resolutions. This way, I solve all my problems in one fell swoop! Haha.