Monday, January 08, 2007

When Someone Else Operates on Snail Time

I was miffed at F today. On New Year’s Day, I had sent the group an email to let them know that they were supposed to write a self-reflection of personal learning over the semester (it’s part of the assignment) and that they should send it to me by Friday, 05 January 2007.

F calls me at 2pm on Sunday, 07 January 2007.

“Uh, I will send you my self-reflection write-up later.”

2 minutes later, he calls me… again.

“How to write ah?”

?!?!?!?!?!?! You are already late and behind the deadline given to you and you still have the guts to come and ask me how to write it? I was so miffed at him, I replied:

“How would I know what you have learned?”

1 hour later, F emails me his write-up. If you could do it within 1 hour, why did you wait so long to do it? You could have done it much earlier (since he was not contributing to anything else anyway) and sent it to me.

Guess some people are just operating on snail time.

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