Sunday, January 21, 2007

Still Searching...

Further to my earlier post... I am still searching for my new meaning in life. There is, of course, the job hunt to focus on, but a part of me finds no fulfilment in that. Surely there must be something more important to life than finding a job and being one of a faceless number of drones out there in the working world.

I want so much more. More than what this life should be. To see more, to know more, to do more. But what? I don't know. I need a Hubble-powered telescope to see the great beyond.

2 spins:

may said...

I hope you do find what you're searching for. take your time with it though, yes? things will fall into place, all in good time. enjoy the 'journey', stop and smell the flowers often!

p.s. love the pink fonts on white! I'm a sucker for clean, cool blog-looks... ;)

rinnah said...

May: Hi! Thanks for visiting my little blog.

At the moment things appear rather hazy, so I will take it easy and as it comes until I find my new purpose again.

Thanx, I love the clean, cool blog-look too!