Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Bark Is Worse Than My Bite

Received a phone call from M today. She was all huffy about not being able to do the budgeting section of our group assignment. (I’m sure she must be upset that I made her take on the responsibility of doing this section.) Frankly, I didn’t see the point of getting all worked up over what she was stressing about.

In our assignment paper, we are given some facts and figures to work with and also to help us with our estimation of the final cost of this fictional marketing campaign. I would assume from the slant of the question (then again, I may be wrong) that when you are asked for the budgeting of the campaign, all the marker wants to know is how much you’re spending. Correct? The assignment clearly states that we will be marked upon the strength of the idea and execution, not on how well we count pennies for the company. As this is still student work, I am sure you would not be expected to actually give facts and figures about items beyond your control (i.e. things that were not briefed in the assignment) like distribution cost and staffing cost. All that is needed is the media cost and execution plan. (That’s my point of view.)

Well, M is grumbling that she can’t work with the figures and come up with an estimation of cost incurred and probable profit from the marketing campaign without the operating cost being factored in.

Then there is F. He of the no commitment and responsibility towards his work and his team members. F SMS’ me to say that he has no idea to contribute towards the project and could I give him an idea. What?!?!?!?!?!?! (I was not in a generous mood *blushes* so I briefly told him that he had to work it out on his own.)

I am all for helping those in need and who are not as capable, but you must first show that you are someone who is actually worthy (that’s a bit harsh, but yeah) of receiving assistance. There’s no point in going all out to help someone who wouldn’t even budge to save himself / herself. Sure, I may moan and groan and bitch and sulk about these people, but my bark really is worse than my bite (no bite at all! Sometimes I feel like a doormat) and most of the time you don’t even hear me bark. And I do go the extra mile to help fellow students who need my help, especially during exam time. (Free consultation advice on assignments, topics and tips for exams, notes from class, etc.)

So, do I help F or not? *puzzles over issue* I don’t have the time to really go and help him (yes, but I have time to blog. Ahahaha), and I’m not sure that I want to anyway. Does this make me a bad person?

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