Wednesday, January 24, 2007

$$$ Makes The World Go Round

I need money. Who doesn't, right? I need to pay-off some student loans and am thinking of taking on some part-time work / jobs while I search for my new job. Preferably something that I can still do in my free time even after I start work. I'm even contemplating becoming a Starbucks barista temporarily.

So far, I've been listing some stuff to sell on eBay Malaysia (mainly books that I want to offload), but no bids thus far. looks pretty dead, so I'm not listing there. Time to bone up on the how-why-where-what of selling online.

I'd also like to do some part-time editing / proof-reading work, but am not sure where to start posting my services. Any ideas out there?

2 spins:

may said...

hey, what kind of work are you interested in? copywriting? if you are, would you like to try for a copywriting position for an interactive agency (the one I'm working for)? we're looking for one... no harm trying. drop me a comment at my place if you're keen, I'll get in touch... ;)

rinnah said...

May: Hi! Thanks for the info. I'd don't mind doing copywriting work, but wasn't planning on doing it on a full time basis.