Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No Selling Please!

Yes, I know it’s a funny thing to say, but I don’t like SELLING. Or sales. Anything to do with making someone buy a product they don’t necessarily need or want. I always feel that if I want to buy anything, I’ll go and look for it. No need to shove it down my throat.


It’s the salesperson in the department store who hovers around you like a bee around a flower. They could be doing one of two things: trying to get you to sample / buy their product or watching you like a potential shoplifter. And they love to immediately rearrange anything you’ve touched.

It’s the credit card salesperson waylaying you by the side of the shopping mall (they’re even at the petrol stations!). And they’ll ask you 101 questions about whether you have any cards and how their card is better. I’ve had a desperate salesman (from UOB) try to talk me into signing up for a card with this line, “Please miss, just sign up for the card and help me meet my quota.” !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It’s also the friend / friend of a friend who comes to tell you about this “great opportunity” that he or she knows about and they just can’t wait to tell you about it. There normally is some kind of selling involved. You may have to purchase X product to join / be entitled for great benefits and you have to “recruit” other poor suckers people to join and continue to buy. There will be a pyramidical shape involved and most frequently a monthly buyback or quota to achieve.

So I’m telling you, “No, no sales or selling please!”

3 spins:

may said...

urgh, i dislike pushy salespeople too. and telemarketers! those who call you about some great credit card offer, or balance transfer, or extended credit. I get all tensed up whenever I receive calls like that, so irritating.

rinnah said...

May: Oh yes, totally agree with you *nods head vigorously*

I forgot about telemarketers! LOL.

Anonymous said...

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