Monday, May 12, 2008

Fab Five of February

Picture taken by rinnah at the 2007 Flora Fest

I have a confession to make. o.0 *blink blink*

You see, rinnah has been very lazy of late. Oh yes! We are stepping into the month of May and I have only published the THHC™ chup results for January! Oh me oh my! *runs around like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland*

To all my fansee... sorry la... the offline real-world life suddenly seems very busy of late. The work deadlines were pretty close together (a number of submissions to do within days of each other and are still coming thick and fast) and not so new (read: delayed) projects have now come back with a vengeance. LOL. I've even been leaving the office later and later... used to be 5.30pm sharp, then 5.45pm, then 6.00pm, 6.15pm... you get the drift. Nowadays my average time to leave office is no earlier than 7.00pm. Aw man! That is so not the work culture trap I wanna fall back into! Then when I get home it's exercise (if I feel like it), dinner, teevee (my AI fix), bloghopping, shower, sleep. Where got time, you tell me? And with my Indonesia trip series, I have half a mind editing photos while the other half a mind is busy trying to keep up with my favorite blogs... the number of unread items in my RSS reader is close to 1,000+. Bleh. And owh, I've already declared RSS bankruptcy a couple of times but within a matter of days its back to the same old levels. When the weekend rolls around I have activities to check out, friends to meet and catch-up with, places to go and see... help! my world is spinning faster and faster and beyong my control. Guess that's why I named my blog It's all about the spin...? LOL.

Aiyah, I got diverted off the topic. See? Easily distracted of late. *grin*

Actually hor, I ramble on so much above is to divert you from the very small results of the THHC™ chup results for February. Laziness to the max leh. Only 5 posts for you to chup and it takes me forever to compute the results. Ahahaha. Oh yeah, another confession to make. I worked on other (time-sensitive) blogposts first before this one... like the Chiling Falls trip, the Indonesia trip series, baby announcements and Mother's Day dedications. And I still have tons of back-dated drafts in my work folder that need to be edited, polished and pictures added. And I've become a wee bit addicted to editing and putting my own photography work in my blogposts. All of that consumes time! Argh!

Cheh. Kena diverted yet again. (Kononnya!) Sorry ya. Back to the subject at hand. Here are the Fab Five of February!

1st - l b
2nd - angeles
3rd - may

4th - parisb
5th - winn, chev, kyh

The tales of T H E H U G H U G C L U B™ (THHC™) can be found here.

Now, let's KFC (keep fingers crossed) that I won't dilly dally again till the next edition of chup results!

10 spins:

giddy tigress said...

Whew! Got here before LB did... liking your KFC :P and all your excuses too! :)

Chev said...

hehhe, don't worry...
I also haven't finish with my Vietnam and Cambodia trip posts yet.

L B said...

Haha, KFC will never be the same again! Ever!!
Also, aren't you glad I am on my Fasting Month? I am lessening your RSS load here..
Anyway, it's good to see that you're still with THHC™ despite all the trials and tribulations. It's a LOT more than I can say for some of the others. Perhaps it would be better to bomb the place down, accidentally, of course?.. *Kaaak*

rainbow angeles said...

whoopie! i made it! thankiss!

and now, i wanna go zzzzz.. goodnite.. good morning!

zara's mama said...

Oooooooo.. so you belong to the HHC gang also.. :D

Hi Hi.. and is Giddy Tiger really your sister?

L B said...


rinnah said...

giddy tigress: Hehehe... the KFC is learned from chev wan... I sure got a whole lotta excuses, hor? *wink*

chev: You mean you had a series of trip posts going on? I didn't notice! LOL.

l b: Yeah, KFC will never be the same again! Blame it on chev! Oooh. Give me advance notice if you ever decide to "accidentally" bomb the place down, yea?

rainbow angeles: Yes, you sure did make it! Whatcha doing up so early in the morning anyway?

zara's mama: Hehehe.. that was all l b's influence la. The Giddy Tigress is my blog-sister! We're so alike in thought and preference that we call each other big sis n lil sis.

l b: Liu!

Anonymous said...

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