Friday, May 09, 2008

Baby you're so wonderful

Today is a very special day.

Today, a beautiful baby angel came to earth to become the daughter of a special couple. :o)

Everyone, say hello to Princess Leia baby Rachel, the newborn daughter of Adino and Poey Chin!

Dearest baby princess Rachel, jiejie rinnah wishes for you :

"God's bountiful grace, beauty, blessings and presence to be ever-present in your life.

The brightest sunshine, clearest skies and coolest breeze to accompany you every step of your journey in life.

That you will experience the deepest, purest, truest love, joy and happiness always.

To be the greatest blessing ever to your parents, family and to all whom you meet."

I can't wait to meet you now and when you grow up. :o)

Luv & hugs,
jiejie rinnah


And you know what? Baby Rachel made her debut just in time for Poey Chin to celebrate her first ever Mother's Day! So congratulations to both Adino and Poey Chin, and a very special first Mother's Day greeting to Poey Chin. Rest well and be back soon! (Our Scramble games will be waiting for you. Hehe.)

7 spins:

L B said...

Excellent timing!
Happy Birthday, Rachel, and Happy Mother's Day, Poey Chin.. Congratulations..

kyh said...

so exciting! a new addition to the world's population! hip hip hooray!

Adino said...

Aww, thanks. What an excellent welcome present!

I'm going to show this to Poey Chin once she's home.


giddy tigress said...

Welcome Rachel! What a lovely meaningful dedication!

Collin said...

harro princess rachel! welcome welcome! great sense of timing you have mmmm.:-P

rinnah said...

l b: Yes, baby Rachel certainly has an excellent sense of timing! *grin*

kyh: One more beauty is added to the world... look out guys! (in about 18 yrs time)

adino: Aww, you're more than welcome! A birth is a celebration that needs to be announced!

giddy tigress: Thanks! I'll do one for your 2nd one too. *hint hint wink wink*

collin: Hey there charmer! Wanna "court" Princess Rachel when both of you are older? LOL. *runs away before both sets of protective parents of collin & rachel come after jiejie rinnah for even suggesting something like that*

Anonymous said...

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