Sunday, December 23, 2007

MRSC Concert 2007 - Compose, sing 'n' perform

Man, I was supposed to blog about this earlier, but I clean forgot! (Until I spotted the pix languishing in my Photos to Edit folder.) What with the happenings in my life over the past two weeks and all I hadn't had the time to get to this. So, this is a backdated post with tons of pics - a rare occasion at It's all about the spin...

On the first Sunday of December, I was at the MATRADE Hall to lend my support to Allan, the Giddy Tigress' brother, whose composition 'You' was one of the nine finalists for this year's edition of MRSC. I have mp3 recordings of the performances but I don't know how to upload them onto Blogger. Can anyone help me? So, I only have photos to show... (sorry for the blurness - I was sitting some distance away from the stage and using maximum zoom)

Ze emcee (the bald guy) who kicked things off with fun & games - I never screamed so loud before in my life! We (the spectators) had to scream / yell / cheer for whoever we were supporting. Of course, my screams were in support of Allan, and we did quite well too... only losing to Hendra's (another contestant) groupies...

Errr... some singer dedicating a song to a lucky girl who ran onstage fast enough. The song was quite nice, actually.

Another singer from an Indonesian band... (I cannot remember any of their names!)

Performance by Blister - a band from Thailand. Now I can only remember the name of the band because it's in the photo! I like their tagline, but I don't see what it has to do in relation to the band name. :P

The hosts of the show - I didn't get their names. The guy did dual language duty - English and Mandarin.

Putting all the finalists on stage - Allan is the guy on the far right whom I've circled. *grin* They later presented tokens of appreciation? to the seven finalists (there are nine songs in the final, but two finalists have two songs each). My pics for that part of the concert are waaaaaay too blurry so I won't embarass myself further by putting 'em up. Lawl.

Someone singing the winning song from previous years.

Jane and her band - from City Harvest Church. Btw, Jane is not the lead singer in the picture. Hahaha.

Adorable Jessica (10yo) who sang on behalf of Lawrence, one of the finalists.

Vincent who plays the sax - his was the only Mandarin entry out of all the nine songs. I liked his composition.

Intermission for performance by Erra Fazira

Sam - the eventual winner. He and Lawrence had two songs each. Very energetic rocker performance, but his drummer nearly stole the show with his beatboxing! Oh, and it doesn't hurt to mention that he's *ahem* very good-looking. Too bad he's too young for me. Muahahahaha.

Hendra - there were a lot of Indonesians supporting him

Another intermission for performance by Vince - I've never heard him sing before and he's not bad...

Allan being interviewed on his composition - sorry the pix is blur!

The Wesley Methodist group singing Allan's composition for him - a very nicely done ballad.

Erm, I forgot his name but he's from DUMC. Poor chap was all alone, don't know if anyone came with him and he sang to a minus one track. Maybe the occasion overwhelmed him but he forgot his lyrics in three places. Pity, because his composition was another one that I liked too.

Plucky Jessica performing her second song for Lawrence - you can see him in the right of the photo holding a guitar.

Intermission again for performance by this chap - he rapped in Mandarin and Cantonese. Apparently you can see him on 8TV?

Performing some of the winning songs from last year in Redzuan - The Musical as the judges deliberate over the winner.

Still performing songs from Redzuan - The Musical. This is Sam (again!) and a girl who has a really lovely clear voice. I'd like to hear more of her singing.

2nd runner-up - Hendra
1st runner-up - Lawrence (for his second song)
Winner - Sam (for his first song)

Chaos onstage as Sam's band members mob him after they announce the winner.

The end

Overall it was quite good and I really enjoyed myself (save for one awkward moment outside the hall where I saw someone who doesn't like me and pretended not to see me. Bummer.) and would definitely love to go again next year. Hopefully there'll be someone I can support!

11 spins:

L B said...

Truly a lot of photos and a lot of captions. Next year, you could enter! With GT.... ? :-)

If I were outside the hall, and you saw me, I would have run over to give you a spontaneous HUG!

rinnah said...

l b: Wahahaha... it took me the better part of an hour to do this one blog entry! Whew! Never again so many pictures...

Hmm, maybe GT and I should get cracking for next year's contest, eh?

Better make sure I have a picture of your full face first before you do that! Lawl.

narrowband said...

I think Indonesia has some of the most talented musicians around. Nice coverage, btw! And oh, I don't think you can upload your mp3s onto blogger. You can try other services such as Imeem though... haha... sorry can't help much there ;p

rinnah said...

narrowband: You're right. I've heard many bands who are far better than our local artistes.

Thanks! Wish I had a better camera though. :P

I have to use a third party service? Oh, ok. Will go check it out then. Thanks for the tip!

may said...

woo-hoo! try lifelogger ( - upload mp3, then use the code and paste it in your entry.

rinnah said...

may: Lifelogger, eh? Okay, will check it out too! I've been wanting to put mp3s in my blogposts for a long time now, but just didn't know how...

Anonymous said...

That's a great recap of the entire event! Now I wish I had been there! Thanks for all those pictures!

So how? Wanna work on that entry next year? :)

rinnah said...

giddy tigress: I wish you were there too! Yup, let's get cracking for next year... you, me, Allan, Ethan Boy and Pete. Lawl.

Argentinadog said...

Hey Rinnah! Thanks for all the spin on the event, your support (esp the screaming part) and all the pics! Loved your coverage!!

Could you send the MP3s of the performances to my email? I can probably post it up on my Multiply site and link it to your site. ;-)

rinnah said...

argentinadog: Hey dude! Glad you like the coverage... I had a blast at the concert! Sure, I can email the recordings to you... gimme a while to organize 'em, k? I'll be loading the mp3s onto Lifelogger (as recommended by may and GT) and will put out another post before the year ends. Stay tuned!

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