Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Be thankful

It's been a long while since I last blogged here. Since I purchased my own domain and got myself paid hosting, I've never looked back. The only thing is, hosting prices go up and down all throughout the year. No wonder someone came out with a name like inmotionhosting. Maybe I'll give it a whirl when my current hosting expires.

I really miss having a place to blog where I can be safely anonymous and let it all out. I've been censoring my blogging way too much for my liking, but hey, that's what happens when real life starts to align itself with the online reality.

Also, in line with my current goal of becoming a better photographer, I just got myself a 2 year Flickr Pro account. Unlimited uploads for the win! I seriously hope I will make full use of the account and not slack off after a day or two...

Events of late have reminded me of the need to be thankful for the small things in life. Sure, the big things aren't really going my way (as planned) at the moment, but I think I'll get there. Eventually. Until then, I need to be more thankful and less whiny.

And that's it for this update! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Resume outdoor activities?

I just realized that I haven't gone and done any outdoor activities in a long, long while. In fact, the last time I did so was last year at paintball and flying fox! And after which I was achy for weeks after. Yeap, just goes to show how unfit I am. Heh.

I've kinda got the itch to go paintballing again after one of my colleagues has been asking me to organize another outing for it. To compound that fact, I recently saw my ex-colleague's photos of him decked out in full paintball gear at the Tanah Merah paintball park. It looks so interesting! But I'm scared of the pain la wei... how?

Maybe I should pluck up my courage and go for kingman paintball. A new year's resolution? Hmm... to be considered. =)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not Found!

I'm sorry. The page you seem to be looking for does not exist.

Were you looking for more of rinnah's spin? Well, it's not here anymore cos...


Please redirect your browsers to http://rinnah.com and update your feedreaders to this new feed here.

See you at my new home, yea?

Monday, June 09, 2008

All run out of steam

I told L B in his latest post that if he did a blog hiatus for one more month, I would follow suit. :o)

So I am also quitting blogging here for an indefinite period of time, 'kay?

Blame it on the recent fuel hike. I now need to earn more money to feed my baby car and cannot spend so much time blogging and blog-hopping. Hurhurhur.

Actually, that's only partially true. The other reason is because I'm starting night classes again next week to complete certification in something relevant to my current industry (company sponsored, yay!) and I foresee that I'll be too busy what with classes (2x a week) and work commitments.

Not to mention that I'm thinking of getting more involved in my local church too. If I could, I'd take up dance classes again. And maybe join Toastmasters. And oh, let's not forget boyfriend hunting. That's going to take up a LOT of time. LOL.

Guess my blogging life is going to have to take a backseat for an indefinite period of time. :o)

The other underlying reason is because I haven't been really satisfied with the way my blog(s) are turning into something I have no control about! Kinda regret some things I blogged about, and roll my eyes at some totally inane posts I have no idea why I even posted about. Ya ya, perfectionist in me talking la. I might just cold storage this blog and go and start afresh in Wordpress. Their templates are prettier too. Haha. And this blog has never recovered from the big Google slap anyways.

I guess this might be it. Don't cry lah, I didn't say I'm quitting the blogosphere! Just mulling over a change of scenery la. Kinda bored with this one liao. ^.^

So. Lemme say bye-bye for a bit and I'll be back when I'll be back, okie? Toodles!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Totally random Friday post

Now if you're a longtime reader of my blog, you'd know that I don't like caramel. In fact, I dislike it so much that I put it down as one of the 10 things I hate and nearly every commenter on that post picked it up! *faint*

Anyway, no thanks to Suzanne Vega, I'm looking at caramel in a wholly different light. Watch the video, it's got a very film noir kinda feel. Nice or not?

Not to mention that it was kind of uncanny that I'd been listening to this song on endless repeat lately and my girlfriend went and ordered a caramel sundae to share yesterday night. Talk about coincidence! Was it a sign of sorts? Hmmm... (But no, I still don't like caramel. Heh.)

And speaking of that list of 10 things I hate, I felt a need to revisit the late Heath Ledger's song performance in 10 Things I Hate About You again...

*sigh* Now how come Malaysian guys aren't as cute as Heath and neither do they do such crazy romantic things like that? *sigh again*

Oh yeah... who's up for Batman? It's coming pretty soon...

And speaking of cute guys... I went to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian recently (like two days ago) and got into a good natured argument with my girlfriends. Why? Cos' I didn't like nor find Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) hot. *rolls eyes* I dunno la, the tall dark and broody type didn't make me like him. I much preferred to watch William Moseley or even Skandar Keynes! (Though I wonder why I keep on thinking of Benjamin McKenzie and Adam Brody when I look at them.)

Oh gosh! I just came from the IMDB movie site and they are so young! (They meaning William and Skandar - what kind of name is Skandar anyway?) I feel like a cradle snatcher wannabe now. Ish.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

aka Fishing for THE ONE

That secondary title there? I meant it. Literally. No kidding ya.

Lest I be branded desperate (I already am!) let me set matters to rights by explaining that I've gone fishing to land me some excellent goodies.

In conjunction with the June 19, 2008 premiere of the movie Made of Honor in Malaysia, Hong Leong Online and Nuffnang are joining forces to bring a few selected lucky bloggers an experience to remember.

According to Nuffnang's blogpost here, the goodies up for grabs are :

~ an exquisite 8 course dinner at J.W. Marriott KL for you and your partner
~ an exclusive invite to the movie premiere of Made of Honor immediately after

All this magic takes place on 12 June, 2008, so you get to see the show a full week before the rest of Malaysia. Hehe. Just think about it... 8 course dinner with wine wor... plus wedding themed fashion show... and bagpipes performance... souvenirs to be given away... prizes to be won... what's not to like? *grin*

All you gotta do to put yourself in the running for the very nice stuff I already told ya about above there, is head on over to this site here and play the FlipFlop Flippy game. You'll need to play the game (over and over and over and over again until your wrist aches and you fear you might be developing early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome) and take a screenshot of your highest score. Then, craft yourself a blogpost (like the one you're reading right now), stick your results in the blogpost, and email it to the good folks at Nuffnang (flipflopflippy@nuffnang.com). It you're one of the highest scorers, you could be on your way to that tete-a-tete for two at the JW Marriott KL!

Ta-dah! My best score to date. And this is after many frustrating moments of trying to land the big fish and getting stung by the electric eels. Aitelyu, those eels are evurl. *grin* Oh yeah, my blogger friend Paris Beaverbanks posted her score here and I'm sorry to tell you dearie... I beat yer score! Muahahahaha. Oops, sorry. I had a minor Dr. Evurl moment there. Caused by being stung by those darn electric eels one too many times over the past few days while trying to get my own higher score. Dang, this FlipFlop Flippy game is addictive!

So, think I stand a chance? I've checked out a number of my competitors' scores and so far last week I've only seen two persons score higher than me... 13500 and 12750 (by kyspeaks). Ish. How to beat that? I'm not even going to go near the Hall of Famers on the FlipFlop Flippy website. (50000+ is the record! *faint*)

Anyway, if THE ONE for me comes along while I'm at this movie premiere, I wouldn't mind one single bit! No sirree! *wink*

End note :
To that handsome/pretty, very excellent, extremely nice, wonderful person working in Nuffnang who's reading this post, could I be one of THE ONEs to win? *blinks Puss-in-Boots eyes for added effect*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby got back

Remember this post? Well, I'm not crying anymore (but still got just a little heartache remaining)...

'Cos rinnah's got herself a new baby! (Long time readers will know my *over-rated* use of the word baby on guys I like for my car and my new gadget toys so don't go and think one kind, 'kay!)

This post is made purely possible by the sponsorship of the Bank of DAD for kindly extending a 12 months, interest-free repayment plan to me to enable all my unhappiness to go away. Hahaha. (But actually hor, I was applying for another model... unfortunately intended amount for that one was too big... cheh!)

Wanna see my new baby? Yesh? No? I dun care! I'm gonna show you anyway! Scroll down...













Ta-dah! You say nice or not? :o)

Yesh, rinnah got herself a new baby phone and this one's even better than the last one! Teeheehee. This is the Nokia N81 8GB version... all sleek metal and smooth plastic (kinda reminds me a bit of the iPod Touch / iPhone in areas).

I was shooting for either the N95 or the N82, both of which are my dream phones, but the N95 8GB was waaaaay out of my budget *sob* and my financier dissuaded me from picking the N82 *sob* as he was concerned that a first edition might be "buggy" since it was a first release. So I settled on this model lor. :o)

Look out for a detailed review of the N81 in a few weeks time over at rinnah's marketplace!